Cerise Creek. Keith’s Hut.

This post has been moved. You can find it here.

3 responses to “Cerise Creek. Keith’s Hut.

  1. Hi there! Seems like you like to get out and about in those mountains! 🙂
    Found your site googleing and noticed a few things out of date. Not sure if you know, but there is now a website for Keith’s Hut (www.keithshut.ca) – I think they are working on a donation page soon! Also the volunteer day is usually the 3rd weekend of September. Donations are suggested 10/person and 20/person for larger groups. It might be helpful to add where and how folks can donate too as “Donations are essential for the ongoing success of the hut” (from the official website) 🙂
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Hi, I am planning a snowshoe trip to Keith’s hut and was wondering if it was possible to snowshoe Vantage Peak or if you had any route that you would recommend from the hut? Cheers

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